Monday, April 6, 2009

Weird Dog Acting Weirder

Is weirder a word? It must be because spell check didn’t give me a red wavy line when I typed it.

I came home from work and only three of my doggy babies greeted me at the door. Timber was outside in the yard … just sitting. Looking at me and wagging his tail. But he would not move no matter what we said.

He was also really protective of some toys he’d accumulated around himself. He was growling (kind of) at papa when we approached but didn’t do his scary growling attack mode. We took one of the toys away and he was fine. But when I went to the grocery store he and Trooper apparently got into it pretty bad over the toys. Hubby wasn’t sure which one but there was lots of snarling and barking…no blood though.

Hubby finally got him inside and put away all his toys since he seemed to be obsessing with them. Now we’re cooking dinner and he is acting like he’s never eaten before. Absolutely chomping down on anything we give him (which is normal when we cook…he’s getting cauliflower and stuff) and practically shaking with excitement. And panting.

He’s also taking Rhimadil which I don’t like. :( My SIL had a bad experience with her dog Koyuk and she thinks the drug caused his liver problems which eventually led to his death (though he was much older).

I’m still very worried about my puppy boy. He is not acting like himself. Though he’s letting me touch his back end he sort of tries to scoot away or sit down. We’ll see if he tries to jump up on the bed (it’s really high) tonight or if he sleeps on the floor.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I cannot handle this stress!

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