Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love Animals...But...

Seagulls don't rate very high on my protection meter. Not to mention that my husband is a State Trooper so I'm completely biased in regards to this story. Although my hubby has already said he'd never have been able to beat a bird to death. He's so sweet. :)

But I'm thrilled that the Troopers who were suspended for beating a couple of Seagulls to death are not going to be prosecuted. We have a shortage of Troopers as it is.

I wish they hadn't done it and I think beating the gulls to death certainly wasn't the way to get rid of them (in front of tourists and kids...poor taste...but shooting them would have scared people probably even worse).

But they are SEAGULLS. Sewer rats with wings (which is an insult to rats). If you don't have seagulls where you me. They are obnoxious, annoying, and potentially dangerous if too tame around humans with food. They're huge and could cause serious damage if not sufficiently scared of a human with food (especially a kid).

So I'm glad that the Troopers aren't going to be prosecuted. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can You Help? Puppies in Need

Saving Shelter Pets is drowning in puppies...adorable, face licking, fluff balls who have done nothing to deserve the misery of a kill shelter except being born.

This little guy just wants to lick your face...I can tell. :)

Can you help? Every single $1 will help SSP get closer to rescuing and providing new hope for these cuties. I've donated and wish I could donate more - but if we all chip in it can be done!!!

Look at those faces! I want to bring them all home...but must stick to donating money. :) Until I get my super farm with a super barn (heated with individual kennels for rescuing doggies). A girl can dream right?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quality Matters

I'm a coupon my husband will attest. Recently there were printable coupons for Milk Bone dog treats for $2 off a box. They of course are advertised as nutritious and healthy...and we go through a LOT of dog treats at our house. At Walmart they're $4 a box, so that's a box of dog treats for $2. And then they were on sale at Albertsons a week or so ago for $3...making them $1 a box. So I've bought around 5-6 boxes.

We've gone through almost one full box of them so far. But I don't think we'll use the rest. Trooper and Timber seem to be reacting to them with incredible itchy-ness. Trooper has always been very sensitive, but not his skin usually. Generally its his bowels. And Timber has always been itchy in the morning but not all day like he has been lately.

Both dogs are attacking their skin. And the only thing I can think of is the dog treats. Kodiak and Quinn seem fine, but they've never been as sensitive to foods.

I'll donate the rest of the boxes to the pound as I figure any treats are good treats for the poor pups stuck there. And we'll go back to the expensive treats for our babies. I guess that is one reason to keep I can afford the healthy food and treats for our doggies. :) We don't skimp on food (just spent $350 to stock up on food before the two legged baby come) so we shouldn't on treats either.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Staying Entertained

I've been so tired lately and the poor doggies are taking notice. I walked Trooper yesterday - though all our walks are much slower than normal.

Timber has found an entertaining new hobby to keep himself occupied though. I find it hilarious. We leave the back sliding glass door open a lot ... I like to let them go in and out when they want. Unfortunately this time of year we get a lot of flies. Those dang flies drive me absolutely bonkers, but they also drive Timber crazy.

Watching him "hunt" the flies is hilarious. I was cracking up today as he would spot one land, stalk it, and pounce! He finally caught one. One down and 12 to go. :)

I also allowed him to destroy an old ratty pillow and the sheer joy he had on his face was totally worth the mess. I tried getting a photo of him among the debris but Quinn decided it looked like a good place to rest.

She looks completely guilty doesn't she? And if I hadn't watched Timber destroy it I would have blamed her. Trooper and Timber did have some tug of war contests with the stuffing. It was very entertaining and I'm just happy to watch them get out some of their excess energy (supervised and approved by momma).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Acting Strange

We know our dogs' personalities, as do most owners. So when they start acting differently it makes us pay attention.

Timber is always a daddy's boy who loves to follow papa around and cuddle, but last night he was GLUED to papa. And in a really pathetic sort of way with that look "I'm not right" when he'd look up at us.
He was acting like he was in pain...he wasn't his active self (usually he and Trooper play a little bit on the bed before actually going to bed). He didn't even want to jump up on the bed at all last night...I had to coax him up. And he couldn't get cuddly enough with either me or hubby.

Around 2 a.m. hubby and I both had to take potty breaks (although I take them ever couple of hours) and he said that when Timber had moved positions on the bed he sort of cried a little bit.

We decided that if he was still acting strangely in the morning that I'd call to make an appointment for him. And that he wouldn't get a full breakfast in case there was something stuck in his digestive track. I was thinking maybe he ate something that got stuck.

This morning he's still acting fairly cuddly and clingy but he's not lethargic. I gave him just a little bit of breakfast and he scarfed it down so I gave him a little more. He's been chomping on a bone right by me for a little bit and when papa's alarm clock went off he was excited to get back into bed.

So we're going to watch him closely. If he continues to act strangely we will take him to the vet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Almost Hit a Bird

That dang crow in the middle of the road did not move an inch as I approached...usually they fly away when you get too close. Oh no, not this crow.

And there was a car coming in the other lane so I didn't have much room to maneuver. I think the crow was suicidal but he'll have to wait for another car because I managed to just miss him by an inch or so by scooting to the right of the lane (not too far because it's a country road and no real side other than the ditch).

I cringed before looking in the rear view mirror and was shocked to see him still waddling in the middle of the road. He's one lucky crow. BOTH cars missed him.

It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode..."we had a deal!" Thankfully no tiny instruments are required at this time. :)