Friday, April 24, 2009

Some People Shouldn't Breed

And by breed, I mean have human children. Because they’re obviously too stupid.

This story makes me so angry I feel it in my gut. (Read both links…the first is mostly the dad calling the breeder stupid and the second gives the breeder’s side.)

A dad brings his 8 year old daughter into a kennel run with Rottweilers to help FEED them…F E E D them! I don’t care if they’re a bunch of chihuahuas…young kids and feeding dogs do not mix. Dogs are ANIMALS and act on instinct. This includes protecting their food even when there is no “real” threat. Dogs don’t always operate on logic so a threat to them might seem like nothing to us.

I am saddened that the dog was put down and angered that the father is blaming the owner when it is HIS fault his daughter got hurt. He is damn lucky she wasn’t killed. I feel horrible for the breeder of these dogs. She had set rules and this guy broke those rules. NO kids with the adult dogs. HE broke the rule. The breeder did her job.

The dad has the temerity to call the breeder stupid!?! I’m hearing the pot calling the kettle black. ARG!

I would never let a strange child help me feed MY dogs, who are fairly tame at mealtime…at least with people. With each other they can get snappy. Things happen.

People need to use common sense, if they have any, when it comes to animals. Letting a small child around large dogs (I don’t care what breed they are) when those dogs are feeding is completely asinine.

I was glad to see that in a poll the Herald Sun was running, over 60% of respondents did not think that Rottweilers should be banned in Australia.

DON’T BLAME THE BREED!!! People are in the wrong 99% of the time in these cases and this one is no exception.

h/t Dr Ferox

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heading to the Beach

I am REALLY excited. Saturday morning we are leaving for the ocean. Cannon Beach to be specific. We found a nice big house and paid an extra security deposit for all four dogs. We’ll have a view from the house of that big rock…can’t remember what it’s called.

Neither Timber or Trooper have ever seen the ocean…the only sand Trooper has seen is at a local river park. Not even close to the same.

We’re going to get really long leads so they can sort of run free, but not actually be off leash. I think Quinn could probably handle being off leash but I’m still too paranoid to let any of them off.

I bought new toys and tennis balls today to take with us. Just in case it rains and we need distraction inside the house. We’ll also have to bring potty pads for Quinn…the last thing I want to do is lose my deposit for ‘leaks’. :)

I cannot WAIT to see Timber react to the ocean. We bought a new kiddie pool last weekend and he’s been having a blast every day … digging in the water and playing. His face has been wet for four days straight. :) It’s so refreshing to watch him enjoy himself so thoroughly.

Hubby thinks that he’ll drink the salt water and then throw up. That’s what Kodiak did the last time we were at the ocean. Either that or he’ll hate the taste and won’t want to drink any of it.

I wonder how they’ll react to seagulls. And all the new smells. It’s going to be a wonderful trip and I’ll share photos as soon as I can.

I won’t be dropping entrecards or posting between now and next Wednesday…and maybe a few days after while I recover. *grin*

Monday, April 20, 2009

Taking to the Skies

As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning I saw on the news a preview for after the commercial for a new Pet Airlines. I was intrigued so I made a point to look up the story when I got to work.

I LOVE this idea!!! If we ever went somewhere that required flight, but we wanted to take the dogs, our only option was sticking them in crates and loading them like baggage. I can only imagine the stress this would put them through…and I don’t think Quinn could handle it at all in her old age.

Check out this video - it is just under 4 minutes. The whole idea behind the new service was to create less stress for both animals and their humans. Pets ride in the main cabin and there are even Pet Attendants. I think it’s too bad that pets can’t travel with their owners in the cabins…but that might be logistically difficult. Maybe they’ll add that service someday.

Billed as First Class Pet Travel, the current cost is $149 one way, with no size restriction (so Trooper would cost the same as a chihuahua). Pets are called “Pawsengers”…is that not adorable? And dogs get potty breaks! They can’t get that on a regular flight.

I think this idea will definitely take off (so to speak) and become more popular nationwide and maybe someday even globally. I know Rachel Lucas made the heart wrenching decision to leave her doggies home due to the stress and hassle of transporting them. (I know…there’s still the whole quarantine issue but at least the doggies would be more comfy on the trip over.)

So now you have an alternative to sticking your pet below. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Incredible Soul

I think people can debate about whether animals have souls…but I do believe that some do. Yes, some. :) I find it hard to believe that a fish or a spider have a soul. But dogs and cats and other domesticated pets…it’s hard not to look into their eyes and see a soul. Whether one like ours or something different…it’s not a perfect believe I realize.

When I read stories like this it reaffirms this belief (and yes, I know there are plenty of horrible animal stories but let’s focus on the positive shall we?):

From one of my favorite Blogs, Rachel Lucas brings us the story of Jasmine.

Please go visit and read this incredibly heartwarming story…and check out the adorable photos. It is the kind of story that will make your day.

* Warning…don’t browse other posts by Rachel if you are sensitive to cursing or strong views. I LOVE her but she definitely has her own opinions and is not afraid to share them. But she is a fabulous dog lover and has lots of great doggy posts. *

Amazing Artistic Cat

I was in the lunchroom waiting for my macaroni and cheese to heat up (yes, I said Mac and Cheese…don’t judge) and was reading through the Tacoma Art magazine.

Just browsing and flipping through pages I came across a little snippet about a photographer cat named Cooper. Have you ever wondered what your cat saw when he (or she) traveled about?

This cat lets us see what he sees…and I am SO impressed.

Cooper lives in Seattle (just up north of me) and every week he dons a lightweight strap on camera around his neck and heads out to explore. The camera snaps a photo every two minutes and just from the few I’ve seen does an amazing job.

Cooper the Photography Cat

You can even purchase his incredible work from Urban Light Studios - or if you’re in the area go check out an exhibit.

I love the picture he captured of his girlfriend. *grin* SO freaking cute.

Do you think Cooper knows how famous he has become? Is it sort of like the Elephants who paint? Everyone knows it’s not really “art” by definition but it really is amazing and very cool. (I believe art has to be consciously created for that purpose and I don’t really believe animals have that capability…as cool as it would be if they could.)

I wouldn’t mind having his “artwork” on my walls…maybe someone will get me one for my birthday. It’s today!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Problem Found

As I wrote last night, Timber continued to act weird after I got home from work and when we started getting ready for bed.

Every night I’ve been taking one Vitamin B-6 and a Unisom in order to combat the horrible nausea that my pregnancy is causing. So last night I went to take my pills…but the bottle of Unisom was missing. Just gone. Nowhere to be found. We started searching and finally found the EMPTY bottle under the bed with tooth marks.

That’s right. Timber had eaten more than 15 liquid gel Unisom pills. The little *&$#. Add Unisom to the list of things he’ll eat…which now includes soap and foil.

So we called the emergency vet who had us call poison control who told us to take him in. As we described his symptoms…first acting kind of slow in the morning and then ramping up with jitteriness and general weirdness…the guy on the phone said that they were classic symptoms of the active ingredient (something I can’t even really pronounce) and if we just tried to wait it out Timber could have a seizure or slip into a coma.


So I’m sobbing and begging hubby to take Timber in to the emergency vet…he didn’t want to go without me but I had to try to get some sleep. Hubby is already on a night schedule and on his work days doesn’t get home until 2 a.m. so heading out at 8:30 p.m. isn’t as hard for him. Off they went and I did doze with the phone clutched in my hand waiting for a call. Finally a little after 10 p.m. they came home and I was SO relieved.

They gave hubby the option to leave Timber at the clinic for observation or take him home and treat him there. Hubby brought him home. He fed Timber liquid charcoal, which I thought we’d have to force feed him but he ate right up with food. The doctor said that within 4 hours he should have to go outside and do #2, but nope. In 4 hours I got up and Timber was snoozing away…still breathing and wanting his belly rubbed when we got down on the floor with him.

When I got up and out of the shower at 6 a.m. he wanted his breakfast and howled as usual. Finally starting to act like his normal puppy self. I followed him outside afterward and he FINALLY had a small bowel movement…he hadn’t had one all day yesterday or all night. Hopefully he’ll have a few more today.

I cannot even say how stressful this was. I kept imagining that we’d wake up to a dead dog.

The only thing he did that wasn’t normal for him this morning is when I was getting my lunch ready…he normally sits right next to me and begs for scraps but this morning after going potty he went right back into the bedroom and JUMPED ON THE BED!!! WOOHOO!!! We were so happy that he did it on his own. We even gave him his ball back. LOL :)

Trooper must have been worried about him too because he also normally sits with me as I prepare my lunch and he went right back into the bedroom after potty time too. Silly boy.

All of our medications are now capped and put back from the counter edge. It never occurred to either of us that any of our dogs would eat our medications. Never in a million years. I’m so grateful that he ONLY ate the Unisom as I had five other medications that would have caused much more serious consequences.

It’s a good thing that he’s over 70 pounds and seems to have a stomach made of steel. I love that damn dog. =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weird Dog Acting Weirder

Is weirder a word? It must be because spell check didn’t give me a red wavy line when I typed it.

I came home from work and only three of my doggy babies greeted me at the door. Timber was outside in the yard … just sitting. Looking at me and wagging his tail. But he would not move no matter what we said.

He was also really protective of some toys he’d accumulated around himself. He was growling (kind of) at papa when we approached but didn’t do his scary growling attack mode. We took one of the toys away and he was fine. But when I went to the grocery store he and Trooper apparently got into it pretty bad over the toys. Hubby wasn’t sure which one but there was lots of snarling and barking…no blood though.

Hubby finally got him inside and put away all his toys since he seemed to be obsessing with them. Now we’re cooking dinner and he is acting like he’s never eaten before. Absolutely chomping down on anything we give him (which is normal when we cook…he’s getting cauliflower and stuff) and practically shaking with excitement. And panting.

He’s also taking Rhimadil which I don’t like. :( My SIL had a bad experience with her dog Koyuk and she thinks the drug caused his liver problems which eventually led to his death (though he was much older).

I’m still very worried about my puppy boy. He is not acting like himself. Though he’s letting me touch his back end he sort of tries to scoot away or sit down. We’ll see if he tries to jump up on the bed (it’s really high) tonight or if he sleeps on the floor.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I cannot handle this stress!

UPDATE - Pray for Timber

UPDATE: Hubby called and the vet doesn’t think it’s anything too serious or internal. THANK GOD!!! I seriously went in the bathroom and cried. :( I hate that. They are still doing some exam stuff and I’ll know more later this afternoon. Sounds like they’re going to send hubby home with some anti-inflammatory meds.

It’s so scary when your normally crazy hyper and active dog stops being active all of a sudden!!!


Please pray for my baby boy. I don’t know what is wrong with him. He seemed fine this morning - he ate well, just like he always does. He didn’t seem lethargic to me.

Hubby called and said that he’s been acting funny all morning. He isn’t acting like his normal puppy self…when hubby threw the ball Timber didn’t chase it. Hubby tried throwing it just a few feet and he said that Timber wanted to get it but couldn’t.

Timber Wolf

Hubby thinks he’s having a hard time with something blocking him up. I hope it is something simple and easy to fix. He’s on his way to the vet right now and he said that Timber didn’t even act like his normal self going out the door…he normally tries to jet out in front of us (yes, we’re working to stop that but still) and instead just walked out slowly. And that when he tried to jump into the truck he didn’t make it all the way up. :( However he was excited to get his collar and leash put on him so that is good.

So please just keep my baby boy in your prayers. I don’t think I could handle it right now if something were seriously wrong. I’m having a hard time keeping it together at work. Sheesh. We’ve had doggy issues before and I haven’t gotten this upset.

Why does he have to eat everything in his sight? I’m worried that he got something bad in him. I hope to hear from hubby within an hour or so…I’m sure this is going to cost us. Great timing too. I should hear final word about my job next Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A New Leg and a New Chance

I love stories like this!

This morning had me up super early…hubby should have been home at 2 a.m. but when I woke up at 4:15 a.m. he wasn’t there yet. So I was up and awake and not going back to sleep (the nagging cough and cold don’t help) and on went the television. I love watching Fox and Friends in the morning while I get ready for work and since they’re three hours ahead they were on.

They had the sweetest story about a dog rescued by a wonderful couple in Florida. This sweet boy had lost his back leg in some sort of trauma, and while we know that dogs can live and thrive on three legs this couple decided to look for an alternative.

Three Legged Dog

This German Shepherd mix lucked out when he found his forever home with retired dentist Steve Posovsky. He and his wife tried a strap on leg designed just for Cassidy but the poor guy just couldn’t adjust. So they went to veterinarian Denis Marcellin-Little who agreed to attach a truly prosthetic leg to Cassidy’s right thigh.

This dog was so cute on TV…cuddling against papa. I don’t know that he was really enjoying the attention, but at one point he used his prosthetic leg to scratch himself! It was so sweet and funny.

They said on the news that this procedure will be used on several other dogs and then they want to try this technology on humans. This is the best of both worlds in my opinion. Yes, they are “experimenting” on dogs but the benefit to the dog is so worth it. It isn’t cruel and the leg will even detach automatically if it senses any stress…

“At the beach last week, the foot got caught on a step. Cassidy just walked away and the leg lay there on the sand.”

Talk about amazing. I am so grateful to live in this amazing time.