Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heading to the Beach

I am REALLY excited. Saturday morning we are leaving for the ocean. Cannon Beach to be specific. We found a nice big house and paid an extra security deposit for all four dogs. We’ll have a view from the house of that big rock…can’t remember what it’s called.

Neither Timber or Trooper have ever seen the ocean…the only sand Trooper has seen is at a local river park. Not even close to the same.

We’re going to get really long leads so they can sort of run free, but not actually be off leash. I think Quinn could probably handle being off leash but I’m still too paranoid to let any of them off.

I bought new toys and tennis balls today to take with us. Just in case it rains and we need distraction inside the house. We’ll also have to bring potty pads for Quinn…the last thing I want to do is lose my deposit for ‘leaks’. :)

I cannot WAIT to see Timber react to the ocean. We bought a new kiddie pool last weekend and he’s been having a blast every day … digging in the water and playing. His face has been wet for four days straight. :) It’s so refreshing to watch him enjoy himself so thoroughly.

Hubby thinks that he’ll drink the salt water and then throw up. That’s what Kodiak did the last time we were at the ocean. Either that or he’ll hate the taste and won’t want to drink any of it.

I wonder how they’ll react to seagulls. And all the new smells. It’s going to be a wonderful trip and I’ll share photos as soon as I can.

I won’t be dropping entrecards or posting between now and next Wednesday…and maybe a few days after while I recover. *grin*

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