Friday, April 24, 2009

Some People Shouldn't Breed

And by breed, I mean have human children. Because they’re obviously too stupid.

This story makes me so angry I feel it in my gut. (Read both links…the first is mostly the dad calling the breeder stupid and the second gives the breeder’s side.)

A dad brings his 8 year old daughter into a kennel run with Rottweilers to help FEED them…F E E D them! I don’t care if they’re a bunch of chihuahuas…young kids and feeding dogs do not mix. Dogs are ANIMALS and act on instinct. This includes protecting their food even when there is no “real” threat. Dogs don’t always operate on logic so a threat to them might seem like nothing to us.

I am saddened that the dog was put down and angered that the father is blaming the owner when it is HIS fault his daughter got hurt. He is damn lucky she wasn’t killed. I feel horrible for the breeder of these dogs. She had set rules and this guy broke those rules. NO kids with the adult dogs. HE broke the rule. The breeder did her job.

The dad has the temerity to call the breeder stupid!?! I’m hearing the pot calling the kettle black. ARG!

I would never let a strange child help me feed MY dogs, who are fairly tame at mealtime…at least with people. With each other they can get snappy. Things happen.

People need to use common sense, if they have any, when it comes to animals. Letting a small child around large dogs (I don’t care what breed they are) when those dogs are feeding is completely asinine.

I was glad to see that in a poll the Herald Sun was running, over 60% of respondents did not think that Rottweilers should be banned in Australia.

DON’T BLAME THE BREED!!! People are in the wrong 99% of the time in these cases and this one is no exception.

h/t Dr Ferox

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