Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Problem Found

As I wrote last night, Timber continued to act weird after I got home from work and when we started getting ready for bed.

Every night I’ve been taking one Vitamin B-6 and a Unisom in order to combat the horrible nausea that my pregnancy is causing. So last night I went to take my pills…but the bottle of Unisom was missing. Just gone. Nowhere to be found. We started searching and finally found the EMPTY bottle under the bed with tooth marks.

That’s right. Timber had eaten more than 15 liquid gel Unisom pills. The little *&$#. Add Unisom to the list of things he’ll eat…which now includes soap and foil.

So we called the emergency vet who had us call poison control who told us to take him in. As we described his symptoms…first acting kind of slow in the morning and then ramping up with jitteriness and general weirdness…the guy on the phone said that they were classic symptoms of the active ingredient (something I can’t even really pronounce) and if we just tried to wait it out Timber could have a seizure or slip into a coma.


So I’m sobbing and begging hubby to take Timber in to the emergency vet…he didn’t want to go without me but I had to try to get some sleep. Hubby is already on a night schedule and on his work days doesn’t get home until 2 a.m. so heading out at 8:30 p.m. isn’t as hard for him. Off they went and I did doze with the phone clutched in my hand waiting for a call. Finally a little after 10 p.m. they came home and I was SO relieved.

They gave hubby the option to leave Timber at the clinic for observation or take him home and treat him there. Hubby brought him home. He fed Timber liquid charcoal, which I thought we’d have to force feed him but he ate right up with food. The doctor said that within 4 hours he should have to go outside and do #2, but nope. In 4 hours I got up and Timber was snoozing away…still breathing and wanting his belly rubbed when we got down on the floor with him.

When I got up and out of the shower at 6 a.m. he wanted his breakfast and howled as usual. Finally starting to act like his normal puppy self. I followed him outside afterward and he FINALLY had a small bowel movement…he hadn’t had one all day yesterday or all night. Hopefully he’ll have a few more today.

I cannot even say how stressful this was. I kept imagining that we’d wake up to a dead dog.

The only thing he did that wasn’t normal for him this morning is when I was getting my lunch ready…he normally sits right next to me and begs for scraps but this morning after going potty he went right back into the bedroom and JUMPED ON THE BED!!! WOOHOO!!! We were so happy that he did it on his own. We even gave him his ball back. LOL :)

Trooper must have been worried about him too because he also normally sits with me as I prepare my lunch and he went right back into the bedroom after potty time too. Silly boy.

All of our medications are now capped and put back from the counter edge. It never occurred to either of us that any of our dogs would eat our medications. Never in a million years. I’m so grateful that he ONLY ate the Unisom as I had five other medications that would have caused much more serious consequences.

It’s a good thing that he’s over 70 pounds and seems to have a stomach made of steel. I love that damn dog. =)

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