Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Incredible Soul

I think people can debate about whether animals have souls…but I do believe that some do. Yes, some. :) I find it hard to believe that a fish or a spider have a soul. But dogs and cats and other domesticated pets…it’s hard not to look into their eyes and see a soul. Whether one like ours or something different…it’s not a perfect believe I realize.

When I read stories like this it reaffirms this belief (and yes, I know there are plenty of horrible animal stories but let’s focus on the positive shall we?):

From one of my favorite Blogs, Rachel Lucas brings us the story of Jasmine.

Please go visit and read this incredibly heartwarming story…and check out the adorable photos. It is the kind of story that will make your day.

* Warning…don’t browse other posts by Rachel if you are sensitive to cursing or strong views. I LOVE her but she definitely has her own opinions and is not afraid to share them. But she is a fabulous dog lover and has lots of great doggy posts. *

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