Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Amazing Artistic Cat

I was in the lunchroom waiting for my macaroni and cheese to heat up (yes, I said Mac and Cheese…don’t judge) and was reading through the Tacoma Art magazine.

Just browsing and flipping through pages I came across a little snippet about a photographer cat named Cooper. Have you ever wondered what your cat saw when he (or she) traveled about?

This cat lets us see what he sees…and I am SO impressed.

Cooper lives in Seattle (just up north of me) and every week he dons a lightweight strap on camera around his neck and heads out to explore. The camera snaps a photo every two minutes and just from the few I’ve seen does an amazing job.

Cooper the Photography Cat

You can even purchase his incredible work from Urban Light Studios - or if you’re in the area go check out an exhibit.

I love the picture he captured of his girlfriend. *grin* SO freaking cute.

Do you think Cooper knows how famous he has become? Is it sort of like the Elephants who paint? Everyone knows it’s not really “art” by definition but it really is amazing and very cool. (I believe art has to be consciously created for that purpose and I don’t really believe animals have that capability…as cool as it would be if they could.)

I wouldn’t mind having his “artwork” on my walls…maybe someone will get me one for my birthday. It’s today!

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