Thursday, September 3, 2009

Acting Strange

We know our dogs' personalities, as do most owners. So when they start acting differently it makes us pay attention.

Timber is always a daddy's boy who loves to follow papa around and cuddle, but last night he was GLUED to papa. And in a really pathetic sort of way with that look "I'm not right" when he'd look up at us.
He was acting like he was in pain...he wasn't his active self (usually he and Trooper play a little bit on the bed before actually going to bed). He didn't even want to jump up on the bed at all last night...I had to coax him up. And he couldn't get cuddly enough with either me or hubby.

Around 2 a.m. hubby and I both had to take potty breaks (although I take them ever couple of hours) and he said that when Timber had moved positions on the bed he sort of cried a little bit.

We decided that if he was still acting strangely in the morning that I'd call to make an appointment for him. And that he wouldn't get a full breakfast in case there was something stuck in his digestive track. I was thinking maybe he ate something that got stuck.

This morning he's still acting fairly cuddly and clingy but he's not lethargic. I gave him just a little bit of breakfast and he scarfed it down so I gave him a little more. He's been chomping on a bone right by me for a little bit and when papa's alarm clock went off he was excited to get back into bed.

So we're going to watch him closely. If he continues to act strangely we will take him to the vet.

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