Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love Animals...But...

Seagulls don't rate very high on my protection meter. Not to mention that my husband is a State Trooper so I'm completely biased in regards to this story. Although my hubby has already said he'd never have been able to beat a bird to death. He's so sweet. :)

But I'm thrilled that the Troopers who were suspended for beating a couple of Seagulls to death are not going to be prosecuted. We have a shortage of Troopers as it is.

I wish they hadn't done it and I think beating the gulls to death certainly wasn't the way to get rid of them (in front of tourists and kids...poor taste...but shooting them would have scared people probably even worse).

But they are SEAGULLS. Sewer rats with wings (which is an insult to rats). If you don't have seagulls where you me. They are obnoxious, annoying, and potentially dangerous if too tame around humans with food. They're huge and could cause serious damage if not sufficiently scared of a human with food (especially a kid).

So I'm glad that the Troopers aren't going to be prosecuted. What do you think?

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