Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Staying Entertained

I've been so tired lately and the poor doggies are taking notice. I walked Trooper yesterday - though all our walks are much slower than normal.

Timber has found an entertaining new hobby to keep himself occupied though. I find it hilarious. We leave the back sliding glass door open a lot ... I like to let them go in and out when they want. Unfortunately this time of year we get a lot of flies. Those dang flies drive me absolutely bonkers, but they also drive Timber crazy.

Watching him "hunt" the flies is hilarious. I was cracking up today as he would spot one land, stalk it, and pounce! He finally caught one. One down and 12 to go. :)

I also allowed him to destroy an old ratty pillow and the sheer joy he had on his face was totally worth the mess. I tried getting a photo of him among the debris but Quinn decided it looked like a good place to rest.

She looks completely guilty doesn't she? And if I hadn't watched Timber destroy it I would have blamed her. Trooper and Timber did have some tug of war contests with the stuffing. It was very entertaining and I'm just happy to watch them get out some of their excess energy (supervised and approved by momma).

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  1. One of our three chihuahuas spends a tremendous amount of time trying to catch flies. It is hilarious.


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