Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Double Trouble

Life is as crazy as ever at our Zoo.

Bullet and Trooper get along like lifelong pals and are causing all sorts of mischief. Bullet really enjoys sticks and they’ve both discovered that if you dig down a little bit in the dirt you can find roots that are fun to tug on.


So these stinkers dig and dig and create an unholy mess (and Trooper gets allllll muddy) to try to get at these roots. It’s hilarious but annoying.

Then they run around the yard like crazy dogs. Trooper gets hot fast and so he gets in his pool to cool down…and then proceeds to run in the dirt. He got groomed yesterday but I have a feeling the clean and pretty smelling fur won’t exist when I get home tonight.

They play pretty roughly and I’m really super impressed that Trooper hasn’t hurt Bullet. I’m so not used to a dog with so little fur. His mouth is as big as her head and he looks like he’s killing her but there’s not a mark on her. It’s remarkable how gentle he is with her. He is never that gentle with Quinn - grabbing the back of her neck and shaking. Although there really isn’t any fur to grab onto with Bullet. Ha!

Here is a video from her first full day with us. When I tell her not to be rude she had snuck up on me and stuck her nose up my bum. Ha ha ha!

Quinn is not nearly as thrilled with our little Bullet girl. She doesn’t like it when other dogs play and often tries to break it up. It’s hilarious. She’s constantly “talking” to Bullet like she is trying to make sure she learns the rules of the house. Like don’t bother Kodiak.

And of course one more video from her first day. I have another video on my camera that I need to download.

They are going non stop. First thing when they get up in the morning they start wrestling. *grin* It’s so cute but we need to teach them to calm down and sit quietly at some point!

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