Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our First Foster Dog

Well, it looks like we were approved as foster doggy parents. Woohoo!

Hubby is still hesitating and not excited but once he sees a 9 month old puppy Weimaraner he’ll get over it. I still need to set up a time to pick up the little darling, but hopefully we will get her this week. She will come with her crate and toys, which is nice, though we do have extras.

I’m excited…and a little nervous. Trooper is just now calming from his puppy stages and I’m sure that this new puppy will have some issues - seeing as how she’s leaving her family and coming to a strange new place. She’s also not spayed but the rescue organization will pay for that.

It sounds like Weimaraners are headstrong and willful. Gee, I wonder what that’s like? Ha! I can’t imagine a dog as headstrong and stubborn as a Malamute or Husky.

Now the plan is to ease Hubby into the idea within the next 24 hours. *crossing my fingers* I know that once we get into a routine he’ll be fine. It’s just getting used to the idea of a temporary dog.


I’ll definitely update here and post photos if we do finally get her home. I have a feeling she’ll be adopted out pretty quickly. Have you seen Weimaraners? They are gorgeous!!!

Shelby Weimaraner

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