Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Zoo is a Zoo

Phew…it’s been crazy around here lately. My friend and coworker died and things were very emotional and exhausting from Friday when I got to say goodbye to Monday when I found out she died that night.

My dogs are wonderful stress release though and having a sleek puppy snuggle with me is very therapeutic.

I’m a horrible foster mom. And hubby is turning into a bad foster dad. We have allowed (okay, encouraged) Bullet to sleep in our bed with us. Both of us always wanted a dog to cuddle up at night in our own bed. I’m not sure why but that’s just us. Unfortunately none of our furry babies want anything to do with us once it’s bed time. They get warm in cool weather so curling up on a bed with blankets and two humans is not their idea of fun.

Bullet on the other hand LOVES to snuggle as close as she possibly can - to the point that her head is under our pillow. It’s the cutest thing!

Sleepy Time Hiding

Of course she’s ruined for her next home (if we ever let her go!).

I took her yesterday to the new low cost spay and neuter clinic in Tacoma. It’s called Coalition Humane and it seems like a nice little clinic. It is a fairly well oiled machine. I had to work but was able to take her in at their drop off time at 8 a.m. Pick ups are at 7:30 a.m. so people picking up were crowded and waiting for their babies. I filled out a small amount of paper work and paid for her surgery and shots. We never did get her original shot records and have to have them for adoption (not to mention puppy daycare).

What a miserable night we had!!! I was SO sad that she wasn’t there when we went to bed. No sweet puppy cuddling last night. Or tonight for that matter because I don’t want her to jump off the bed - she’s not supposed to jump for 7 days. Yeah right!

She was happy to get home that’s for sure.

She was also extremely (extremely!) constipated. Is that normal??? (Paging Dr. Ferrox!) I mean so badly that we were out there for a good 5 minutes while she tried to squeeze it out (sorry to be gross but it was only 1/2 way out and she was starting to CRY!!!). When we got back in I swear she felt sweaty.

I have her corralled in one of those adjustable gate style pens in the living room. She’s been sleeping pretty much all day - mostly because I won’t let her out to do anything else. I think all the dogs are enjoying the quiet though. ha!

I can’t imagine I’ll be able to keep her content and quiet for 7 days though. She’s a puppy with a LOT of energy! I want to take her for a walk but can’t belly wrap her right now so that will be tough. We’ll see how she does the next couple of days. Thankfully someone will be home nearly all the time so she won’t be alone.

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