Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Falling In Love

Someone better adopt this little sweetheart fast because she is melting our hearts like butter. I swear she is one of the sweetest dogs ever.

Of course, on Friday evening I was already wishing someone would adopt her that night! LOL She is non-stop active. She even wore out Trooper, our two year old Malamute, who is higher energy than any other dog we’ve ever had. Now he knows how Quinn feels when he refuses to leave her alone. :)

Meet Bullet.

Gunner Silver Bullet - 10 month old Weimeraner

She is a 10 month old Weimeraner puppy who loves to be loved. This girl is a cuddler and when she does finally stop moving she cuddles up next to me and tries to get as close as she possibly can without being physically in my lap completely…though her head ended up in my lap last night as she slept before bedtime. I think if I let her she’d climb right up and be a huge lap dog.

She knows several commands and knows her name…and she’s housebroken which is an added bonus! Bullet can sit, leave it, drop it, and sometimes stay if she’s not being too wiggly. She takes treats very gently from my hand though seems to think it’s okay to check out what’s on the counters.

Hubby has nick named her Meercat because she will stand up at the window sill and peer out … she looks like a Meercat - practically standing straight up. It’s so cute. I tried getting a decent photo but this one of her on the couch is the best I did.

Bullet the Meercat

She looks HUGE there, but she’s really only about 40 pounds. I can see her ribs!!! I’ve never seen our dogs’ ribs…I can hardly feel our dogs ribs. When we first got her I wasn’t really even sure how to pet her. I’m used to three inches of fur between skin and fingers and here she is sleek and silky steel gray fur right up front. Her skin is apparently very strong though because she and Trooper have been rough housing non stop and the worst she’s gotten is slobbered on.

Bedtime is quite easy and painless. She knows her crate and knows the command to go “night night” which is the same command we use for our dogs. She doesn’t always want to go ‘night night’ but she hasn’t fought me too hard yet. She hasn’t been waking up in the middle of the night but OUR dogs have so we let her out at the same time. She knows the command “go potty” though gets quickly distracted with the other dogs around.

She will need a firm but gentle alpha leader because if she’s allowed to do whatever she wants she will take over. Weimeraners are very strong willed and extremely smart. Thankfully I’ve had experience with that kind of mentality in dogs. :) I’m always alpha!

And she’ll need a little work on her manners. She jumps up when first meeting someone and has to be told “off” several times. As mentioned above she also counter surfs. For a family with other dogs she’ll need some correcting because she doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of not sharing. Trooper corrected her this morning (many yelps were heard but no blood seen!) when she got too close to his food. Quinn corrected her Saturday night when she got too close to Quinn’s bone. It’s just a learning process.

She has no respect for personal space, that is for sure. Which I find hilarious because Trooper really never did either, though he’s gotten better.

Was someone sitting here?

I really wouldn’t recommend her for a family with very small children - though I do think she would make an amazing and excellent family dog. Especially for an active family who likes to go on long walks and hikes. And a family with another active dog would be even better - the only thing keeping me sane is Trooper’s ability to wrestle with her for 6-8 hours in a day. :)

My Ball!

No, My Ball!

I’ve submitted the information on Bullet to Ginger’s Pet Rescue and she should be available to adopt soon. I hope it’s sooner rather than later because I could seriously get attached to this sweet girl.

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