Monday, June 2, 2008

A New Trend? Dog Napping?

My mother in law told me that she saw a news report about a woman in Seattle fighting off an attacker as she took her dog for a walk. The dog - a beautiful red and white Siberian Husky - was the target of the attempted robbery. Seriously. The guy was trying to steal her dog!

Who the heck mugs someone for their dog? Apparently stealing dogs isn’t a new thing but it still boggles my mind.

The news story mentioned that the purpose of trying to get the dog was to then resell it for $500. Which is insane. Dogs aren’t commodities. They aren’t televisions (though I admit an unhealthy affinity for my TV).

A radio talk show host I used to listen to had his new purebred bulldog stolen right out of his front yard when he was home. (One of the drawbacks of having an electric fence in the yard is that it doesn’t keep the bag people out.) He received a call a few days later saying that he would get his dog back if he paid money. They were after drug money. Thankfully the people involved weren’t *that* bright because they agreed to meet him and he brought the police and got his dog back.

I know that hubby and I are extremely paranoid about our dogs. All three are microchipped and we don’t even like to leave them home alone in their outdoor kennel. We are seriously that concerned about someone entering our fully fenced back yard and stealing our dogs. There are some seriously unstable people out there.

I couldn’t find either story I reference above online (I am not good at searching for things like that) so if anyone can find it let me know. MIL saw the husky mugging on the nightly news a couple of days ago.

Oh…the woman above fought back. =) As well she should have! No one is taking my dog from me without a very furious fight. She is injured but alive and she still has her dog. Thank God!!!

Hang on to your babies!

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