Monday, June 30, 2008

A Different Kind of Foster Parent

I would love to foster a dog. It would help me get that “new dog” itch scratched but not truly tie us to having 4 dogs full time. I *think*.

It would also be really hard for me to let go if I got attached. And I don’t see how I wouldn’t get attached. :) I get attached to the dogs at Agility and they don’t come home with me.

Ginger’s Pet Rescue is looking for volunteers to foster small and large dogs. She will be getting 10 small dogs (under 20 pounds) and several larger dogs (over 50 pounds) this coming weekend. Can you help?

Most of the dogs are under three years old, are spayed/neutered, and up to date on shots. I’d really like to foster one or two of the larger dogs. I need to talk to hubby about it first though.

We’ve never fostered a dog. We have rescued a couple of dogs off the road and held them until we found their owners…but we’re talking hours not days, weeks, or months. Fostering a dog is a big responsibility, but is something that can mean life or death to a dog stuck in a kill shelter.

Have you ever fostered an animal? Or do you know someone who has? What are some tips that you can share?

Do you think it would be traumatic for our other dogs to have a new adult dog enter the pack, only to leave it later?

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