Tuesday, June 3, 2008

For the Love of a Dog

I don’t know how “real” parents (that is, parents of human children) do it. Leaving your humanoid kids home must be 1,000 times worse but I tell you what, seeing that sweet doggy face staring at you as you drive away is beyond difficult.

Photo of Keisha from Siberian Assistance Dog Training Blog
Photo of an amazing Siberian Assistance Dog in Training - I never would have thought of a Husky Assistance Dog!!!

Hubby is traveling this week (again…I’m getting tired of this) so my MIL has been coming over to doggy-sit. It’s either that or all three go to daycare all week and I think that might kill Kodiak and Quinn. Not to mention eat through our package and I’m not keen on shelling out another $300 anytime soon.

When I got home last night my MIL was laughing and said that Trooper laid on the love seat looking out the window for the last couple of hours before I got home. The other day hubby told me that Trooper now knows my car. The sound of it coming and when it pulls in. Which doesn’t surprise me because all 3 dogs know the sound of daddy’s patrol car coming home.

Trooper and I have always had a special relationship. When he was a tiny little ball of fluff (well, tiny relative to his size now!) hubby got very very sick. So sick that he couldn’t even take the dogs out to relieve themselves during the day - making potty training a very messy event. And made my time with Trooper nearly uninterrupted and daddy’s time very minimal. Hubby now jokes that Trooper is “my” dog, but I know he loves his daddy.

But our relationship is different and has only gotten stronger since we started agility training. He listens better for one thing. At least to me! His hearing is still very selective when daddy is talking.

Driving away this morning my heart just tugged … I wanted to drive back and cuddle on the couch with my baby boy. I have photos of him all over my desk at work now. He is such a special dog and he brightens the lives of everyone who meets him.

Is it weird to want to be a stay at home Doggy mom? =)

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