Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Originally posted on homezookeeper.com, which is no longer being supported.


Home Zookeeper has a new author…and it’s me. :) I hope everyone who enjoyed Lynn’s posts will stick around and give me a chance as I learn my way around this new blog home. I’ve never used Word Press before (but have always wanted to try). I’m super excited to have a single location to talk (and talk and talk) about my love for animals.

A little about moi…

I have three dogs who are the light of our lives.

Kodiak is our red and white pure bred Siberian Husky. He turned 7 years old in March. He’s had three leg surgeries and is our delicate boy. As much as he wants to run, run, run, we have to restrict his activity because he so easily injures his back legs. The older he gets the more concerned I am about arthritis and pain management.

Kodiak in Snow

Quinn is our rescue Siberian Husky. We’re not sure if she’s a purebred because she has some funny quirks that don’t seem exactly like the Husky breed. She was rescued from a kill shelter where they kept her twice as long as normal because she was just too sweet to put to sleep. Her owners refused to pick her up after her third time escaping (she’s an escape artist!). She finally found a spot at the Husky Rescue and we found her on Pet Findier.

We also don’t know exactly how old she is but she’s getting up there. She’s our “old lady” and Queen. We try to treat her right and make her comfy. It’s getting harder and harder for her to get up on the couch. We’re trying to prepare ourselves for the inevitable but it’s very difficult to think about.

Sleepy Quinn
Snuggling with Daddy

Last but not least is our “puppy” Trooper Bear who is coming up on his second birthday in June (or July I can never remember which). He is a full blood Malamute and the love of my life. *grin* He is energetic, fun, happy, cuddly, and a treat to have in our lives. We just started Agility Training together and I’ll have a lot of photos and posts about that experience. He thinks that he is a lap dog and has no sense of other people’s space…it all belongs to him! Oh, and he’s a woolly malamute so he looks much bigger looking than he actually is. He’s around 85 pounds, though down to around 82 because of all the wonderful activities we’ve been doing.

All Trooper's Glory

So these are my doggy children. I don’t have any human kids though we’ve started talking about it. We also have two kitty children who are more like Flowers in the Attic. *sigh* Trooper is a little too fond so they either live in the garage or they get killed. They will soon be moving to a happy new home with my mother in law. I’ll post more about them here too.

My original blog started off as a way to advertise and share my jewelry with others and sort of morphed into an animal blog at least 75% of the time. Ha! I’m just obsessed with my animals and animal welfare. I will be maintaining my other blog as well as this one but the focus there will turn more to Indie businesses, arts, and crafts. Which is sort of where I wanted it to focus in the first place.

If you’ve followed me from that blog please take a moment to look around. There are some great, cute, funny, and informative posts here already. And I hope to add more great content in the future.

This is kind of a long introduction. I’ll stop babbling now and start thinking about my next posts. And keep trying to figure out how to use WP. =)

Happy Wednesday!