Sunday, May 18, 2008

Camera Critters - Bipolar Bird



This bird is at a shop in Maui and I had so much fun feeding him. The shop keeper told us he was a “bipolar” bird and to be careful when handling him. I thought a bipolar bird was hilarious…being that I’m bipolar myself. We were told to carefully wiggle our first finger until the birdie put his head down and then we could scratch him.

Another lady came over and tried to pet him directly and he bit her! *giggle* Okay, it’s not funny but she didn’t follow directions and she was warned. There’s even a sign!


We had a great time at this shop and bought a lot of plants…two of which have already died. We just don’t have very good luck with tropical plants. But we still have two Plumerias that are hanging on to life. I hope they live!!!

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