Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did You Know That Malamutes Drool?

At least mine does. We didn’t realize how lucky we were with our Siberian Huskies. They howled, talked, and yipped but when begging for food at least we didn’t get all slimy!

Trooper drools when he senses food. And as sweet as it is when he lays his head on our lap, it’s gross. Not only that but when he drinks water half of it ends up on the floor! Kodiak and Quinn are paragons of manners compared to Trooper.

Trooper Drooling Again

Can you see the drool bubbles?

Well, Rare Bird Finds has found the answer to my wet dreams (hahahahaha…that’s so wrong but funny).

Drool Towels! And the sayings on these towels are hilarious…

“I do it Slobber Style”
“I drool therefore I am”

And my personal favorite since it applies so much to Trooper…”Will Drool for Food.”

I must get some but can’t decide which ones to get. Which one is your favorite?

Do you have a dog drool problem? We seriously did not think that getting a Malamute would result in pools of drool around the house. I thought dogs like St. Bernards and Bernese Mt Dogs had the drool market covered.

What is the point of drool? Does it serve a purpose? I know that I drool when I’m really relaxed and sleeping. I only know this because when I wake up … yes, my pillow is wet and I know I had a good night’s sleep. =D

If you dog isn’t a normal drooler and suddenly starts drooling it can indicate problems including an allergic reaction to something they ate or even a tooth issue. So take note if your normally non-drooling dog starts to gush the slobber.

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