Friday, December 4, 2009

Dogs are Weird

One second Trooper and Timber are in an all out brawl that sounds like they are killing each other and the next they are playing like best friends.

There have been several additional fights since Trooper attacked Timber when we brought the baby home. We've tried to watch them carefully and not give them excuses to fight, but it doesn' seem to take much.

The other week I woke up around 4 a.m. to horrible sounds coming from the kitchen where Trooper had Timber around the throat...daddy was trying to kick them apart with the baby in his arms. *sigh*

I had no glasses on, no shoes, and didn't even think. I reached down and grabbed my 90 pound Malamute by the scruff of the neck and yanked him back and away. Pretty stupid, but it worked. (Neither dog had a scratch ... no blood whatsoever ... as bad as it looked like Trooper wanted to kill Timber, he obviously was holding back, which is a scary thought.)

And I've had to do that same move again, just yesterday. Except this time Trooper had Quinn pinned to the ground...and I honestly don't think he started it that time. Quinn has a tendency to growl and bark at the other dogs when they get too close to something she values and it was dinner time. I think that Trooper simply responded back in kind. Again, no scratches and no blood. But Quinn is too old for that kind of activity.

All the dogs seem to be doing fine this morning...playing together in the cold weather. But it's obvious that we have a situation here that is volatile and unsafe for an infant. Yet another reason why I make T&T stay in the kitchen when I have the baby by myself in the living room. I will not sacrifice his safety.

I love my dogs and I want them to be happy...we know that they need more exercise and are trying to figure out a way to get that for them. I walked Trooper the other day - just the two of us - and his aunt took him for a super long walk this last weekend. Timber mostly just needs his daddy time...he's such a love bug and just glues himself to daddy's side when he can.

Babies sure do change things dramatically. :)

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