Monday, October 26, 2009

Well That Didn't Work

We tried to solve our Quinn pee problem by gating her in the kitchen inside one of those special adjustable gates. It's pretty large and easily fits a big bed and her water with enough room for pee pads.

She was having none of that. She howled and was so loud that I could not even hope to get to sleep. She's a pretty stubborn old gal.

So she's still sleeping in the living room where she's most comfortable and thankfully is choosing to pee in the kitchen. I say thankfully because it's much easier to clean up in there and does a lot less damage. The floor in the living room is pretty new. Plus there's a rug.

The kitchen floor is pretty much covered in those doggy potty pads. I'm thinking we should buy stock in them because this issue isn't going to go away until Quinn is no longer with us.


  1. That is too bad that Quin is having that problem. Can you cover the kitchen with newspapers??? Would that be cheaper?? Guess it would be harder to clean up. Poor dog. It is so hard when they get older. I have a cat that is 19 and all I do is watch her to see if she is all right.

  2. She just keeps getting worse. :( Even her site is failing her. I just hope she goes peacefully without us having to make that horrible hard decision.


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