Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Updates

I’ve really been slacking here. :( Let’s just say that I’ve had a horrible cold the last few days and with that on top of the pregnancy nausea I have not been in a good mood. Nor have I felt very creative or like writing anything.

And there’s plenty to write about. :)

Time has added a new item to his list of “what he’ll eat” … you know those Laughing Cow swiss cheese triangles? They come 8 to a circle and each wedge is covered in foil. I take one every morning to work for my bagel.

So I’m putting stuff on the counter this morning and went out to the garage for a minute and come back to Timber licking his lips in a weird way. I look at the counter and the only thing missing was the cheese wedge. The little turd ATE it, foil and all. I hope the foil doesn’t hurt him!

The funniest part is there were two huge sausage patties in a ziplock bag right next to the cheese and he didn’t eat those. Weirdo dog.

I had a thought today…what if my kid is allergic to dogs??? Can I send the kid back? *grin* Just kidding…but seriously…hubby is allergic and we just deal with it. No way would hubby live without dogs. But could I put a child through that? Isn’t that kind of child abuse? I know there are pills and sprays and things, but it doesn’t seem fair.

The only thing I can think of is that if he (or she) is that the dogs won’t be allowed in their bedroom ever. And we’ll teach them to do what daddy does - after rough housing or petting the dogs he goes and washes his hands…and doesn’t touch his face first. :)

Oh…and PETA’s 2008 killing report is out. I hate that organization with a passion of a thousand white hot suns burning in the heavens forever. Please do NOT donate to them. They are radical, people haters, who care more about publicity than about actually saving animals from harm. Give money to Saving Shelter Pets or your local rescue group instead…where the adoption rate is more than 0.32% and the kill rate is definitely less than 95%!!!

I’ll try to be more talkative the rest of the week. =) I’m sure the doggy monsters will do something fun or obnoxious!

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