Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Growing Puppies

Remember the teenie tiny Malamute puppies I wrote about?

Well these cuties are getting all grow’ed up! Why can’t they stay puppies? *grin*

Malamute Puppies

Malamute Puppies

Malamute Puppies

Tuckered Out

All photos were taken by Carmen’s friend Twila. You can see the rest on her Flickr page.

Can you imagine if we had decided to get one of these cuties? OMG! I’d be a mess. I don’t even have the energy to walk Trooper. The poor guy.

I love watching these cuties grow up though. Maybe someday when my two legged pup is older we’ll have room for a new Malamute puppy.

And THANK YOU Carmen for sharing the pups with us!

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