Monday, January 5, 2009

I Miss My Kitties

I really miss my Sherbert, a long haired orange cat with many Maine Coon tendencies and features. He escaped one night by opening the screen door (he was too smart for his own good) and we think he got eaten. All we found was fur.

Mischief and Jazmyn on the other hand were captors in our garage until my Mother in Law moved closer and was able to rescue them. Why the garage? you might ask. Well, when Trooper was a puppy he mostly left the cats alone. But then their cousin Koyuk arrived with his mommy (my sister in law) and Koyuk was a known cat killer. They were staying for a month so we put the kitties in the garage.

The problem came when Koyuk left…Trooper was used to not seeing the cats and after a month he thought they looked pretty yummy. So from that point on the cats had to live in the garage. Which really sucked. For them and for me.

I got Jazmyn when I was 18 and then got Mischief when I was 20. They lived with me before I was married and moved with me several times. They were my babies. But now they are my mother in law’s babies and they are so much happier having a non-dog home to themselves. We visited the day after Christmas and got to enjoy Mischief’s personality once again. (Jazmyn is still mad at me for taking her to the vet earlier this year … she stays in my MIL’s bedroom when I visit.)

What was that?

Gimme That!

It's Mine!

Looking at these photos makes me sad. He’s such a cuddler and he’s so silky smooth. *sigh* But he is happy and that is what matters.

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