Friday, August 21, 2009

Am I Just Being Paranoid?

As my due date gets closer and closer I've started thinking more and more about how our dogs are going to handle all the changes that come with a new baby.

Specifically I am most worried about how Trooper will react.

He's my sweet baby boy and he's a total mama's boy. And he's shown a tendency to be jealous, but it is always toward other dogs. He doesn't go to daycare anymore because he kept starting fights - but only when the 'girls' (the workers) were out with the dogs and he wanted their attention.

When we fostered Bullet he was definitely jealous, but he had a great time playing with her and there weren't ever any fights. When we adopted Timber they definitely had some time of establishing alpha, and there were several snarling fits that resulted in some blood draws (most of it my husband's blood actually). And there were times when we would be giving attention to Timber and Trooper would growl. It lasted a few months and seems to be over, although he still tries to butt in when the other dogs get attention (something he also did as a puppy...very doggy rude and something we didn't tolerate).

When the baby gets here...he's going to be sleeping in our bedroom in a playpen / bassinet thingy for a little while. I keep having this vision of Trooper hopping up and pulling the baby out. Is that sick? He's never shown ANY aggression toward people or children. In fact he usually ignores kids and goes right for adults when he wants attention.

Maybe I'm just being irrationally paranoid as a soon to be first time mother. My mom isn't helping though. She never let us have dogs growing up and while she likes our dogs - she doesn't love them the way we do. And she's extremely worried about how Trooper will react and makes little comments that just make my paranoia come to the front of my brain.

I guess I need advice and reassurance that there's something we can do to make the whole situation easier on everyone. I'm not worried about Quinn or Kodiak...they've been through tons of change and don't ever seem phased. Plus they're too old/cripple to try to jump up on a crib or bed. Timber I'm not sure about but I'm not nearly as worried about him as I am Trooper.


  1. Our male is the most laid back guy that there ever was. He loves kids and other dogs and just takes all the loving he can get until he has had enough then he lopes off to go do his own thing again.

    Our female is very jealous. She loves our male but HATES all other female dogs and will not even tolerate them for the most part in her house and yard. She adores children though and will let them do anything to them. She doesn't even mind that they are getting all the attention instead of her. Now with our male if he is getting attention and she isn't she tries to push him out and get it for herself but we try to not let her get away with it.

    Just be patient and I pray that things work out for you :)

  2. Much as I love dogs (more than children perhaps) I most likely would be like you. Too often you hear on the news about a family who left their baby for a second and the dog has grabbed the child. In all honesty, I really believe that the dog just doesn't understand (most of the time). As I haven't been in this situation I can't give real advice but I think from your post you seem to know your dogs well enough to know what to watch out for when the baby arrives. Good luck!


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