Monday, December 15, 2008

If You Can't Do the Time

Don’t get a dog! In this case multiple dogs.

I’m very frustrated with an acquaintance and it is a slightly sensitive situation…especially with me being so darn vocal.

I’ll call this person Bob. Bob and his family have two stunningly gorgeous pure black German Shepherd dogs who are a little less than two years old. If we didn’t already have four dogs I would snap them up in a heartbeat.

Apparently these beauties have become inconvenient for Bob. Can you feel my rage burning?

As I ranted to my husband…dogs are not accessories to be purchased like a pair of earrings. Used a few times and then stuffed away and out of sight. Stuck in the back yard until they are more convenient. Left alone and expected to behave the way “we” want just because … but with no guidance or training.

The dogs are left in the back yard with each other. They are provided adequate shelter, food, and water, but their stimulation is only each other and the trouble they cause together. And of course they cause trouble…they are BORED!

German Shepherds are working dogs. They need an activity, a job, a sense of purpose. They can be extremely destructive dogs (I think Timber is part German Shepherd) if not given proper training and stimulation. Of course they will destroy a very expensive dog bed when the family goes out and they are left alone in the back yard. Of course they will bark like crazy when the family is inside the house with guests and they are stuck outside looking in.

I am not opposed to dogs “living” outside (though I could never have that situation myself) but only if they are provided for beyond the basics of food, shelter, and water. They need to be part of a pack, to have a leader, given boundaries, trained, nurtured, and especially exercised.

Apparently these dogs freak out when they get around other dogs - gee I wonder why?!? Could it possibly be because they haven’t been freaking socialized!!!???!!! They also don’t listen Bob’s wife and scare his children. Again…I can’t imagine why (insert sarcasm here).

I’m very frustrated with this situation…particularly since I have absolutely no control and only feel like yelling at Bob. He’s a responsible person who has a significant amount of authority in his job and takes it very seriously. I wish he took the care of his dogs as seriously. :(

I did try to advise him not to take the dogs to the pound as they would have a very hard time getting adopted. It would be better if he contacted a special pure bred rescue for German Shepherds. The best situation though would be to be a role model for his children and put some time and energy into the dogs. It would only take a few months - a couple of hours each week of good solid training and exercise and the dogs would be much happier and less destructive.


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