Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two Souls Find a Home

I have an e-mail distribution list at work for animal folks willing to get sporadic e-mail announcements of doggy’s in need. It’s not a huge thing but if my e-mails get forwarded on to others then maybe doggies will find new homes.

The latest rescue is from my coworker Jason. He blames me for his two new family members. :) I sent out an e-mail last week about an adoption event at a local Pet store with a rescue organization. And he brought home Juno and Dex.

New Doggies

Do you think his daughter looks happy? He says that she is doing better with them than he expected. Juno and Dex are testing and learning their boundaries. We had a chat yesterday about night time crying and howling. It’s important to ignore it. The dogs are both old enough to go a full night without needing to go outside. Catering to their every whim puts them in charge and it needs to be the other way around.

I’m thrilled that he got two dogs together. One is two years old and the other is 11 months. The two year old is apparently more mellow, which is to be expected. The 11 month old is a puppy and acting like a puppy with a lot of energy.

So now my e-mail list has resulted in three adoptions and I’m beyond thrilled. If I could adopt more dogs I would. My dream would be a whole house full of dogs. Both adopted and pure bred from our favorite Malamute breeder. But mostly adopted.

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